Available on the 28th February, 2024

Follow football mad thirteen-year-old Steven Garrett and his neighbour and outsider Ralf Grimmer as they journey through friendship and football.

With their local club in decline after success in Europe, Steven and Ralf must stop themselves from being sucked into the dangerous and violent side of football.

Steven observes, dates, and describes the events through his younger but worldlier eyes, but it is Ralf’s voice that guides us through the world of that time. Steven admires and envies Ralf but is often too quick to point out his faults. And despite his detailed memory, can Steven’s recollections be trusted, and can we rely on just his memories?

As the story unfolds, beyond the realm of football, courage and its absence take centre stage, revisiting haunting events from the summer before. Join Steven and Ralf in a journey through memory, friendship, and the blurry lines of truth, in a season that will leave an unforgettable mark on their lives.