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Why I wrote '82-83'

Why record the 1982-83 English football season at all? 

I have in my memory, exact images of moments of that time like photographs or reels of video. Many of the places still exist in more or less the same form:  most of the people are still around and perhaps the book can deliver and transmit these images in the form of an entertaining and enjoyable story for my readers, things that might make them laugh and even say "I remember that!". 

I see todays young football fans, casuals, ultras? with very similar hairstyles and wearing similar (but different) fashions to the early 1980s. Perhaps this book will appeal to some of them as well as to those from yesterday  who where there and are who are now older and hopefully wiser. 

I started to realise a couple of years ago that there was no point in verbally repeating stories from yesterday and also, getting older, that my memories would vanish with me if I didn't write them down. This book is a record of my experience and memory from one small part of the 80s and in one small part of the UK. I'm sure my memories will reflect and resonate with thousands of others around the country. I have mixed fact with some (or a lot!) of fiction to make the skeleton of memories stand up and walk as a viable story. 

The rest of the 1980s will have to wait for other books...